House Sanders of Viper's Pit
House Sanders of Vipers Pit
Lord of Viper's Pit
Knight of Dorne
Vital Statistics
Coat of Arms White Auroch on a Black Standard with a White Chevron
Family Motto "Never Grab The Horns"
Other Motto "Conscience Of No Wrongs"
Founder Alek "the Sander" Sands
Founding Date 305AL
Seat Viper's Pit
Region Dorne
Current Lord Alek "the Sander" Sanders
Heir Jorge Sanders "the Iron Bison"
Overlord House Martell of Dorne
Ancestral Weapons none ('Dawn' from House Dayne)
Canadate Branches none

House Sanders is a newly founded Dornish House and the ruling lords of Viper's Pit. Their crest is a White Auroch (a hint referring to Alek Sand's maternal anscestors: Ser Gerold Hightower "the White Bull, and possibly Ser Buford Bullwer "the Old Ox") on a Black Standard with a White Chevron. Their motto is "Never Grab The Horns", although it's has been agued to also be "Conscience Of No Wrong".


House Sanders is the newest of the Knightly Houses, created by Prince Doran Martell in 305AL, who awarded his brother's eldest male bastard son, Alek the title "Knight of Dorne" and was given Lordship over the newly created settlement of Viper's Pit, for his contribution in the war following the return of House Targaryen to the Iron Throne. His new found title made him worthy enough to marry Lady Sylva Santagar of Spotswood, which granted him a much more securred position in Dorne. The name of their family house comes from Alek's nickname "the Sander", and so thus his family are the "Sanders" respectively.

The House is technically too old to have an ancestral weapon, except for the old Iron Dagger that was used by Alek during the war which is now in possession of his eldest son, Ryern. But according to sucession, Jorge's wife Asha will inherit the House Dayne ancestral sword, Dawn as well as the lordship of Starfall.

House Sanders by 330 ALEdit

  • Ser Alek "the Sander" Sands/Sanders (b.287AL), Founder of House Sanders. Lord of Viper's Pit, Knight of Dorne. Bastard son of Oberyn Martell and an unknown Bullwer.
    • Lady Sylva Santagar of Spotswood (b.277), Heiress of Spotswood, widow of Lord Eldon Estermont of Greenstone, mother of Jorge, Kristianna and Savas.
      • Ser Jorge Sanders (b.306), "The Iron Bison", first trueborn child and first son. Heir of Viper's Pit
        • Asha Dayne of Starfall (b.305). Heir of Starfall
          • Sylvia Sanders (b.328)
      • Kristiana Sanders (b.309), second trueborn child and only daughter
      • Ser Savas Sanders (b.310), third trueborn child and second son.
      • Ser Ryern Bloodiron (b.303AL), Alek's eldest and only batard son by Allison Sands, a Maiden in the Dornish Court of Sunspear.

Family TreeEdit

House Martell
{Oberyn Martell}
{? Hightower}
{Alison Sands}
Alek Sanders
Sylva Santagar
Viperion "Ryern" Bloodiron
Jorge Sanders
Asha Dayne
Kristianna Sanders
Savas Sanders
Sylvia Sanders

Location of Viper's PitEdit

Red pog.png
Viper's Pit
Viper's Pit, Seat of House Sanders