Quellon Greyjoy is the fourth son and last child of Lord Balon Greyjoy and his wife Alannys Harlaw. He was born 281 AC and named after his paternal grandfather Lord Quellon Greyjoy.

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Quellon is a tall and well built young man with dark hair and a serious face. He prefers to dress in chainmail and leather.

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Born as the youngest of five silblings Quellon spent a good part of his childhood being bullied by his elder brothers Rodrik and Maron and spending time with his brother Theon and his sister Asha.

After his father's rebellion failed, his oldest brothers died and Theon became a hostage in Winterfell Quellon, aged 8 years, realised that the times when the Ironborn could plunder Westeros however they liked were over. However he also remembered those days as days of glory and respected those who sought to bring them back, especially Dalton Greyjoy, the Red Kraken.

After spending years training his body in the yard and his mind in his maternal uncle Roderik's library, Quellon, when he reached 13 years, sailed on a reaving for the first time spending a year plundering and fighting on the Stepstones. During this time he managed to gain a longsword made from Valyrian steel which he named Deep's Wrath. Returning home in triumph he managed to persuade his father to give him a longship for his own thereby becoming the second youngest captain ever in the history.

He named his ship "Red Kraken" after the hero of his childhood and proceeded to set sail once again, visiting the Free Cities and plundering to the best of his abilities for two years. During this time he took his first salt wife, Kihi, a Dothraki woman, who after defeating her sea sickness developed a mutual loving relationship with Quellon and in the end gave birth to his first child, his son Dalton Greyjoy.

Returning home in 297 AC he left his wife and son at Harlaw with his uncle and his mother before visiting his father on Pyke and proceeding to make another trip to the Stepstones this time alongside his sister Asha and her ship "Black Wind" though the separeted later on with Asha returning to Iron Islands and Quellon visiting Lys, Myr and Tyrosh. Quellon returned to the Islands later on, a few months before the death of King Robert Baratheon.

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