Twas the young wolf's plight

that took through the night

he called his pack to march

all thousands and all his might

took to the rivers to save

the fish from the lion, his fight

open to save his father, failed

but fought on for the right

"The King, the King" what a start

for all he was worth, played the part

he took to battle far from the den

divided the pack, very smart

the smaller to tackle with lion cheif

tactically to fail and torn apart

his larger number took the field

captured the lions son, a common art

But leaving his den, his rule would slip

out from the water, the titanic drip

the golden kraken, far from it's boundary

took hold of the den in an iron grip

leading the way was the kraken's son

dear friend of the wolf, his heart was rip

not one but two of the pups he killed

and stayed at the den, for a short kip

His run had taken him into the west

defeated the clams, captured the rest

but apon his injury, was given 'comfort'

and well . . . you probably guessed

with her maidenhead taken by the wolf

married her off, he thought it was best

broken his original treaty of the twins

they were forces he shouldn't messed

Back to the fork came his war

but it wasn't how it was before

openly welcoming his gloryied return

secretly, it was to be gore

entered the crossing with good intension

but trusting too wel was the flaw

his pack was wiped out in waves

the wolf was drained by the leaches lure

Twas the young wolf's plight

that took through the night

betrayl was his ultiamate defeat

an event which broke his might

dispite his victories over battles

losing the war he was, continuing to fight

he may have lost his north and life

but fought for what was right