Map project, This ongoing project aims to improve all articles that have a geographic object as subject(Regions,cities, villages, castles, rivers, mountains and sees and so on), and the quality of the Maps and charts themselves in use on the wiki.

Things that everyone help with
  • Adding local maps, to location articles where they are missing. (see bellow on how)
  • Lead sections, should include links to related location and general description.
  • Use the Discussion page, to share your ideas on the project, suggest new maps and/or point us to new resources we can use.
Additionally you can try
  • Improving the quality of current maps, anything from adding additional important locations, to style.
  • Adding Additional maps that present key facts from the books in a geographical context(for example Daenerys Targaryen path in Essos), an overview of war progress( great Example), political situations, major houses, anything you can think of that will provide easy overview of concepts from the books is encouraged.

How to add a map to an articleEdit

One of the ways to add regional maps is by using the regional template bellow, by choosing the appropriate region map and marking the location on it. todo so simply Edit the article and copy paste the relevant code from below:

Empty template
{{Location map
| File:Map.PNG
| label		=
| label_size	=
| lat		=
| long		=
| position	=
| mark		= Red pog.png
| marksize	=
| width		=
| float		=
| caption	=
| alt		=
Template with it's values explained, can be a little confusing so check out the example bellow with actual values
{{Location map
| File:Map.PNG    Is the relevant Map from the "Available maps" list bellow (for example File:The_North.png)
| label		= The label shown near the location you mark on the map
| label_size	= label size (try 92)
| lat		= X coordinate of the location[-90..90] (you'll have to play battleship with this, until you'll get it right)
| long		= Y coordinate of the location[-180..180] (you'll have to play battleship with this, until you'll get it right)
| position	= "right" or "left" - on which side of the marker to add the label.
| mark          = image used as marker -e.g "filename.png"
| marksize	= size in?
| width		= Map width. (usually from 300 to 400)
| float		= "right" or "left" - where the map would be located (usually right)
| caption	= Text caption show below the map, write here it's description.
| alt		= Text to shown if image doesnt load or when mouse hover over it(make it same as caption)

Example Edit

Usually you can copy the the code from here or related page and make slight adjustment to it, without much

The Riverlands
Red pog.png
The Riverlands and the location of Riverrun

The result of the code bellow show on the right:

{{Location map
| File:The Riverlands
| label		= <font color="black">'''Riverrun'''</font>
| label_size	= 92
| lat		= -16
| long		= -88
| position	= right
| marksize	= 10
| width		= 400
| float		= right
| caption	         = <font color="black">The Riverlands and the location of Riverrun</font>
| alt		= <font color="black">The Riverlands and the location of Riverrun</font>

Available mapsEdit

The following maps are available:

Other maps Edit

You can also add Maps without the marker above, as reference for articles (as simple Images), see list of all available maps that you can use.